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The sport of performing maneuvers or stunts during free fall while riding on a skyboard.

sky′-surf′ v.
sky′surf′er n.


(Extreme Sports) the activity or sport of performing stunts while standing on a small board during the free-fall part of a parachute jump
ˈskyˌsurfer n
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Green monster Worzel has been named by Emirates' Facebook community of over one million fans, lovable Mundy and Grumpel are winning names selected from online communities in Brazil and Germany, and the distinctive one-eyed red monster Furgus has been named by Emirates' Skywards Skysurfer members.
Pauline Richards, the record-breaking skysurfer, died after plunging 14,000ft from a plane in Australia.
Gilat Satellite Networks' SkySurfer, a very small aperture terminal (VSAT), is a PC-based satellite receiver that routes high-bit-rate traffic (128 kbps and higher) and utilizes a terrestrial or satellite return path.
The Company offers a range of products: Skystar Advantage, a joint development of GE Spacenet and Gilat, enables interactive, transaction-oriented applications; ISAT enables frame-relay delivery of voice and data; FaraWay VSAT offers multi-channel, toll-quality telephone, fax and data services; DialAway VSAT offers 1 to 3 channels, DAMA telephone and fax service to rural communities; SkySurfer VSAT delivers interactive corporate communications; OneWay VSAT provides unidirectional data broadcasts.
In a very successful ad, "Skysurfer," a teenage skysurfer is riding in a small plane and wants a drink of Coca-Cola, but the ice chest is empty.
The Skysurfer solution uses one-way satellite technology to allow users to surf the Internet and download files at speeds up to 400kbps - a significant increase over dial-up connections that max out at 56kbps.
I was spotted by the ITV camera crew who asked to film me and then I got a job at a club called Skysurfer.
Both films are also blessed with a highly credible, and well-acted, villain - with Superman it was Gene Hackman, while for Spider-Man, the villain is the Green Goblin - a rocket-powered skysurfer, played by Willem Dafoe.
Gilat offers two IP-based products: SkySurfer VSAT which delivers broadband corporate communications using a client's existing terrestrial or VSAT return path, and SkyBlaster VSAT, which utilizes DVB technology, and does the same but provides a satellite return path.
KSAT), an affiliated company, and the Tontru Information Industry Group (Tontru), KSAT has agreed to order two hub stations and 5,000 SkySurfer VSATs.
Earlier Dettori had won the Group 2 Godolphin Mile on Skysurfers, trained by Saeed Bin Surour as was the history maker Khawlah who won the Group 2 UAE Derby.