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An elevated, usually enclosed walkway between two buildings. Also called skyway.


1. (Gymnastics) a walk on a tightrope at great height
2. (Architecture) a high walkway between two buildings



an elevated bridgelike walkway built to cross a large interior space, as an atrium, or built over a street to link two buildings. Also called skywalk.
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Noun1.skywalk - an elevated walkway between buildings (usually enclosed)skywalk - an elevated walkway between buildings (usually enclosed)
paseo, walkway, walk - a path set aside for walking; "after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk"
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Tratos explains that his client and SNW had a written agreement to operate the Skywalk together that extends for 20 years and requires that they split profits from the Skywalk.
Also, the hotel has a skywalk connecting the hotel to the parking deck, which allows patrons to walk indoors for six or more city blocks to the many buildings comprising the UAB Hospital.
Guests will love the convenient location of this Des Moines, Iowa hotel that's only four miles from the airport and connected to the Iowa Events Center and Wells Fargo Arena by skywalk.
Boston -- includes the Skywalk Observatory city view at Prudential Center, the New England Aquarium, John F.
Engineer Member, BDA, P N Nayak said, The tender was floated a month ago for the construction of skywalk at Manyata Tech Park.
Connecting via skywalk to the Hartford Civic Center and the new Hartford 21 retail and entertainment complex, the Hilton Hartford now serves as the ideal gathering place amid downtown Hartford's shopping, entertainment and historical sites.
Tenders are invited for Beautification Of Skywalk At Railway Station Vadodara
Boston: The Skywalk Observatory -- the only observatory in all of New England, with the Top of the Hub restaurant on the 52nd floor serving cuisine as gorgeous as the view.
Grand Canyon West's newest attraction, The Skywalk, gives visitors the sensation of standing suspended 4,000 feet above the Colorado River at the Canyon floor.
Highlights of the renovation include a new glass roof enclosure for the boiler courtyard, a relocation of the north window wall to include a new skylight with enhanced Bay views, a large indoor ticketing center to help reduce waiting, and a new interior skywalk connecting the upper levels of the Aquarium's two wings.