slack tide

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slack water, slack tide - Before any turn of the tide, there is a time of slack water or slack tide.
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Noun1.slack tide - the occurrence of relatively still water at the turn of the (low) tide
tide - the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon
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Unless the ship were to touch the land, and then only at full or slack tide.
As for the filefish I found in their bellies, it's easy to imagine snappers plucking these out of the weeds at slack tide.
In nautical terms, the supertanker market is a confused swell, or a slack tide," said Ashok Sharma, managing director of BRS Baxi Far East in Singapore.
We've heard about them swimming from Jura to Islay at slack tide.
Even in the slack tide the whirlpool was raging, so much so that the captain even contemplated turning back.
Within tidal stages, belugas were more often seen in high slack tide (i.
I had to work fast as a speed boat was nearing and slack tide was due to cease.
Sometimes fish can bite ferociously for two hours on an incoming tide, then completely vanish at slack tide,'' Cellucci said.
In addition to dealing with thirty-plus-foot tidal fluctuations and extreme currents, divers are only able to dive at slack tide, which gives them a very narrow operational window.
While drifting across the wreck on a slack tide, Colin, from Bristol, latched on to a good fish and pulled in a superb 20lb ling.
Turnagain was still raging, but he thought there would be a window at slack tide.
If all goes to plan we'll then make most progress crossing the middle of the river during the slack tide, heading for the duration towards Toxteth.