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v. slaked, slak·ing, slakes
a. To satisfy (a craving); quench: slaked her thirst.
b. Archaic To lessen the force or intensity of; moderate: slaking his anger.
2. To combine (lime) chemically with water or moist air.
To undergo a slaking process; crumble or disintegrate, as lime.

[Middle English slaken, to abate, from Old English slacian, from slæc, slack, sluggish; see slack1.]
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Adj.1.slaked - allayed; "his thirst quenched he was able to continue"
mitigated - made less severe or intense; "he gladly accepted the mitigated penalty"
References in classic literature ?
Here they eagerly slaked their thirst; but, this being allayed, the calls of hunger became equally importunate.
He coiled himself away on chain- cables in marine junk-shops, asking questions with cheerful, un- slaked Western curiosity, till all the water-front wanted to know "what in thunder that man was after, anyhow.
Having worked at Jarndyce and Jarndyce like a galley slave, I have slaked my thirst for the law and satisfied myself that I shouldn't like it.
But metaphor, however poetic, never slaked a dry throat.
Tarzan went to the brook first, and slaked his thirst.
White quartzose sand," Paul rattled off, "sodic carbonate, slaked lime, cutlet, manganese peroxide--there you have it, the finest French plate glass, made by the great St.
I slaked my thirst at the brook, and then lying down, was overcome by sleep.
When the wrath of the hater of the unrighteous was not slaked even in blood, and yet found favour?
Contract notice: Supply of sodium bicarbonate or slaked lime for the gas treatment unit of energy recovery and waste treatment (uvetd) waste of savoy.
They may also contain other unhealthy ingredients such as areca nuts - a mildly euphoric stimulant, known to be addictive and cancer-causing - and slaked lime, a chemical used to make cement, the guidelines said.
Currently, the industry is dominated by quicklime which covers nearly 78% of the demand while slaked lime has 19% and hydraulic lime only 3% share of the market.
In science, slaked lime is calcium oxide that has been chemically combined with which liquid?