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1. Language marked by the use of slang.
2. Slang peculiar to a group: the slanguage of the street; a glossary of Chicago slanguage.

[Blend of slang and language.]


(Languages) a language using slang


(ˈslæŋ gwɪdʒ)

1. slang; a vocabulary of slang.
2. language employing much slang.
[1900–05;b. slang and language]
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Noun1.slanguage - language characterized by excessive use of slang or cant
language, linguistic communication - a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "he taught foreign languages"; "the language introduced is standard throughout the text"; "the speed with which a program can be executed depends on the language in which it is written"
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TEACHERS have sparked a row by telling pupils to mind their slanguage and banning some regional words.
Pollack, "'Ovoutie Slanguage is Absolutely Kosher': Yiddish in Scat-Singing, Jazz Jargon, and Black Music" in The Song is Not the Same: Jews and American Popular Music, ed.
Despite its occasional awkward lapses and chattering slanguage, it captures the garrulous spirit of Kolkata.
And after being granted a student visa, he told how he arrived in the UK in October 2001 to take up an English Slanguage course in Gateshead, remaining in the UK after his visa expired.
In addition to its main section of definitions, Hip Hoptionary also provides a helpful section titled "English to Slanguage.
We should be celebrating our colourful slanguage, not censoring it.
Appendices include the current movie ratings, top 50 all-time domestic money-making films, and a sampling of terms from Variety's Slanguage Dictionary.
The section's final play, Slanguage, is the same title as an unpublished essay by Zora Neale Hurston.