slap on

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Verb1.slap on - apply carelessly; "slap some paint onto the wall"
apply, put on - apply to a surface; "She applied paint to the back of the house"; "Put on make-up!"

w>slap on

vt sep (inf)
(= apply carelessly) paint, make-updraufklatschen (inf)
(= put on top)draufklatschen (inf); (fig) tax, moneydraufhauen (inf); to slap an injunction/a fine on somebodyjdm eine einstweilige Verfügung/eine Geldstrafe verpassen (inf)
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As he had already told him, he said, there was no chapel in the castle, nor was it needed for what remained to be done, for, as he understood the ceremonial of the order, the whole point of being dubbed a knight lay in the accolade and in the slap on the shoulder, and that could be administered in the middle of a field; and that he had now done all that was needful as to watching the armour, for all requirements were satisfied by a watch of two hours only, while he had been more than four about it.
With these and other expressions of confidence of the like flattering kind, Mr Dennis gave him a hearty slap on the back, which Hugh was not slow to return.
He would often persuade her to undertake his share of writing in addition to her own; nay, he would sometimes reward her with a hearty slap on the back, and protest that she was a devilish good fellow, a jolly dog, and so forth; all of which compliments Miss Sally would receive in entire good part and with perfect satisfaction.