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1. Characteristic of or befitting a slattern.
2. Slovenly; untidy.

slat′tern·li·ness n.
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Noun1.slatternliness - in the manner of a slattern
slovenliness - habitual uncleanliness
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He had been rather corpulent, but now he had a dried-up, yellow look: the skin of his neck was loose and winkled; his clothes hung about him as though they had been bought for someone else; and his collar, three or four sizes too large, added to the slatternliness of his appearance.
Due to their slatternliness I cut-off any kind of communications with them in December 2016', the governor stated in his application in black and white.
Pepys rattles on forever about the meanness of Penn's table--"a bad, nasty supper," "deadly foul" dishes--and the slatternliness of his household, the plainness of his ancient wife and of his deeply uncharming daughter--"ugly she is as heart could wish," which does not, however prevent him from fondling her--yet he is detached enough to recognize Penn as "the ablest man in England" to take over the job of Navy Comptroller, should the position become vacant.