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Nobody must see him; I've just given him his sleeping draught.
And as for this soldier, even if I had not given him his sleeping draught, he would have slept soundly enough.
I mixed for myself a strong sleeping draught, and sullenly took refuge from my troubles in bed.
He very kindly made me up a sleeping draught, which he gave to me, telling me that it would do me no harm, as it was very mild.
She hastily dressed herself in her bonnet and shawl: looking fearfully round, from time to time, as if, despite the sleeping draught, she expected every moment to feel the pressure of Sikes's heavy hand upon her shoulder; then, stooping softly over the bed, she kissed the robber's lips; and then opening and closing the room-door with noiseless touch, hurried from the house.
I believe there was some tragedy connected with her death--she took an overdose of some sleeping draught by mistake.