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tr. & intr.v. slick·ened, slick·en·ing, slick·ens
To make or become slick.

slick′en·er n.


vb (tr)
to make smooth
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The solution is designed to slicken the business procurement
The rain will bring the temperature down, but it will also slicken up the pitch which might help them.
The second cleavage crenulates and transposes the first, which typically carries a slicken lineation where lithons are deformed by crenulation.
We fully expect to slicken up in the next games," he said.
We have a bit in our tanks, and we fully expect to slicken up in the games to come.
Much to the delight of sailors swabbing ships clean to remove oil, sand, grit, grease, nuts, bolts and other foreign objects that could damage jet engines or simply slicken the deck, there is help on the way.
075-1 mm) macropores; common very fine (<1 mm) live roots; sharp (<5 mm) wavy boundary B21 32-47cm Moist; dark yellowish brown (10YR4/2); medium clay; massive; moderately firm (moist); stiff penetration resistance; rough ped fabric; fine (<5 mm) cracks; common (10-50%) distinct very dark grey (10YR3/1) slicken sides lining cracks; few very fine (<1 mm) live roots; abrupt (5-20 mm) smooth boundary B22 47-67 cm Moist; olive brown (2.