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tr. & intr.v. slick·ened, slick·en·ing, slick·ens
To make or become slick.

slick′en·er n.


vb (tr)
to make smooth
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A couple of manatees even brushed by me, letting me feel their rough hides, slickened with algae.
He started the fth stage from Ypres to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, which took place in torrential rain that slickened the roads.
What they couldn't foresee was the rain, which slickened roads and unsettled many rider nerves -- and psychology was crucial to surviving the stage.
I think we were all a little fearful on that inky, lashing night, as we moved along the slickened 401.
Thinking the cat must have come to some sort of grief, Nu[+ or -]ez ran out to the studio, where she found that Oaks, who had been wearing a popular brand of clogs slickened by the rain, had slipped on the bunkbed-type ladder to the loft and fallen backward.
Depending on the local tradition, competitors try either to shimmy up a vertical pole laden in grease or to reach the end of a slickened horizontal pole without first splashing onto the sea.
Uninvited, Cornetta avoided the slickened wood floor and stepped direct onto the rag rug.
One example is the taming of the Pont du Gard near Nimes, where in one of the great existential moments of my life, I nearly fell to my death in 1974, trying to cross the unrailed top of the aqueduct slickened by a fine rain -- more than 150 vertigo-inducing feet above a tinkling, shallow, boulder-strewn excuse for a river
The slickened magazine got even slicker in late September.
Photo: Slippery slide leads to pool Slickened by water, this slide blends into a hillside of boulders, Southern sword ferns, and horsetails.
Many researchers think workers loaded the blocks onto sleds and pulled them along a sort of Slip'N Slide, a ramp slickened with wet clay or cattle fat.
WORCESTER - As temperatures dropped and roads slickened yesterday afternoon, emergency crews were kept busy responding to motor vehicle accidents across the county.