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He made up for that in his next bout against slickster Gary Russell Jnr before moving up to superfeatherweight last year to clear out Roman Martinez with a stunning left uppercut-right hook combination.
One of the most fascinating characters to walk through the doors of the workshop was a fast talking slickster named Felix.
Home favourite Bellew, now with a professional record of 19 wins, one defeat and a draw, let an early advantage slip away against Malawi-based slickster Issac Chilemba at Liverpool's Echo Arena as the final eliminator for a shot at world champion Chad Dawson ended in a 12-round draw.
It broke my heart when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), and we watched helplessly as he devolved from a once-vibrant, verbose slickster to a wheelchair-bound infirm who had difficulty speaking.
The bout is an exciting proposition in theory, with one of the fastest and most technically gifted fighters in history taking on a boxer looking to take on his mantle as the world's premier slickster.
The Libertarians nominated a professional politician and ran a slick campaign--or at least a campaign run by a slickster, Russ Verney--but in the process alienated actual libertarians.
He is a word-hustler, a slickster, a politician/actor who has always been eager to serve the global aims of the very rich.
Wonder if Guerrero's retinal scan also determined if The Slickster has forsaken his litigious ways.
On the campaign trail, Bush the Outsider blasted the Slickster in Chief for governing by polls and setting policy by focus groups.
Is he a genius or a slickster with a gift for eloquence?
He is made for me," said the teenage slickster from Hinckley.
The virginal Flora confronts him, but the slickster explains it's just in the nature of men.