sliding scale

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slid·ing scale

A scale in which indicated prices, taxes, or wages vary in accordance with another factor, as wages with the cost-of-living index or medical charges with a patient's income.

sliding scale

(Economics) a variable scale according to which specified wages, tariffs, prices, etc, fluctuate in response to changes in some other factor, standard, or conditions

slid′ing scale′

1. a wage scale that varies with the selling price of goods produced, the cost of living, or profits.
2. a price scale, as of fees, that varies according to the ability of individuals to pay.
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Noun1.sliding scale - a wage scale that fluctuates in response to the cost-of-living index
wage scale, wage schedule - a schedule of wages paid for different jobs

sliding scale

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References in classic literature ?
The consciousness in each man is a sliding scale, which identifies him now with the First Cause, and now with the flesh of his body; life above life, in infinite degrees.
Here's three or four columns full of nothing but sliding scales and fixed duties.
They will never master anything as complex as a four year sliding scale.
8In most of the teaching hospital of Pakistan sliding scale of insulin is still used for its convenience and easy dosage.
To allow for more flexibility, the bill creates a sliding scale interest rate from 0 to 2 percent and establishes a principal forgiveness program for qualifying projects," the Daily Times Chronicle reported.
The author: While there may not be a sliding scale for union dues in every school district, increasing teachers' salaries gives unions a convincing excuse to increase union dues.
A number of studies have focused on potential problems associated with the sliding scale, primarily related to the "roller coaster" blood glucose levels that often result.
I was wrong in failing to point out that a sliding scale applies.
Sliding scale plans rely on the traditional one-to-one cost recovery with the exception of selected services--attraction of off-system industrial consumers, utilization of spare resources, gas procurement--in which the utility receives incentives to beat certain benchmarks of efficiency.
Admission to the concert is $8 to $12 on a sliding scale, $4 with any workshop admission.
The gold Godivas glowed like Byzantine churches, full of glistening niches; on the sliding scale of taste and class, a Fannie Mae box looked like a down-market Agnes Martin, its white paper cups forming a slipshod grid.
Greenstein grades the personal skills and quirks of our last 12 presidents on a sliding scale of solipsism, attributing high and low marks based on how the chief executive applies, conceals, obfuscates, emphasizes and controls personal "qualities.