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A superlative of sly.


a superlative of sly



adj. sly•er sli•er, sly•est sli•est, adj.
1. cunning or wily.
2. stealthy; surreptitious.
3. mischievous or roguish: sly humor.
4. on the sly, secretly; furtively.
[1175–1225; Middle English sly, sley < Old Norse slŒgr sly, cunning]
sly′ly, adv.
sly′ness, n.
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So he met with the cleverest and sliest of his narks, whose trade in stolen goods and other shady dealings he overlooked in exchange for information, and explained the job to him: he was to give Baruch and all who had dealings with him a good fright.
As the Austrian novelist Robert Musil slyly intimated in The Man Without Qualities (1952), the world loves the untrue statement, and the sliest, most successful politicians deeply internalize this fact.
Perhaps the sliest twist is the arrival of Stephen Fry as the police detective sent out to investigate the murder, who, going totally against the grain of this cinematic genre, turns out to be bumblingly incompetent.