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adj. slink·i·er, slink·i·est Informal
Graceful, sinuous, and sleek: wore a slinky outfit to the party.

slink′i·ly adv.
slink′i·ness n.


[ˈslɪŋkɪlɪ] adv (fam) (dressed) → con abiti attillati
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Ask her the same question on another day, and she might tell you a different story--but that was the story she told me, and it's a story that ends with Aristophanes, a Taiwan-based female MC whose music involves rapping slinkily in Mandarin over seasick, glitchy beats.
The new mother - and the night's main attraction - didn't disappoint, walking slinkily on stage adorned with a striking red beret and an equally bold kneelength dress.
Looking deeply tanned, coiffured and slinkily dressed, she was moaning that she couldn't afford the pounds 100 needed to stay over in the Canaries while awaiting another flight.
To Martin Stauning's stormy, uneasy score for piano and violin, Elizabeth Brown, Madeline Deavenport, and Lauren Toole stalked slinkily forwards and backwards on pointe, occasionally deviating from their narrow prescribed routes to wriggle through twisty, syncopated solos.
But listen to the thematic development, hear the orchestral soloists - and then savour Petrenko's slinkily laid-back interpretation of the central part of this piece, and most would agree this is a masterpiece.
One thing available today that'll separate the men from the fanboys: The black satin gown Rita Hayworth so slinkily wore in 1946's "Gilda," listed in the catalog for $30,000 to $50,000.
Likewise, Somebody's Saturday Night is slinkily slick blues, and Selfish Gene sits somewhere between Little Feat and Steve Miller.
Pearl may well be the gem of the same name -with its kaleidoscope of symbolic references -and/or a female whisked from the audience to join the troupe by a wonderfully wicked Pierrot (Isabelle Woywode, who is part Shakespearian sprite, part Vulcan, part Joel Grey's Cabaret MC and all slinkily playful sensuality).
Cleopatra was a platinum-blonde Jean Harlow look-alike who donned a skin-tight black-and-white dress and, surrounded by tuxedo-clad chorus boys, slinkily descended a staircase to vamp Caesar with the sensuous "V'adoro pupille.
You see, if you're slim enough to grace a hipster slinkily, then you're also slim enough to really feel the cold.
To get in the mood conjure up images from those 1930s Hollywood sirens who draped themselves slinkily across satincovered couches in romantic boudoirs.