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A distich of Sanskrit verse consisting of two sixteen-syllable lines of two eight-syllable padas each.

[Sanskrit ślokaḥ, sound, hymn, sloka; see kleu- in Indo-European roots.]
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For identification we used the following zooplankton guides: Manujlova, 1964; Kutikova, 1970; Flossner, 1972, 2002; Pontin, 1978; Sloka, 1981; Krauter & Streble, 1988; Scourfield & Harding, 1994; Segers, 1995; Dussart & Defaye, 2001; Dumont & Negrea, 2002; Nogrady & Segers, 2002; and Paidere & Skute, 2011.
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The nandi sloka is followed by a nandi me (Song of Benediction) in Maithili; the song is stated to have been written by king Bhupatindramalla.
Obeisance to Narayana with Sri"); and (3) the slightly longer Carama Sloka (Lord Krishna's invitation to Arjuna to take refuge in Him, in Bhagavad Gita 18.
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Philosophy, religion, form, and structure are aspects which Padhi revels in, and therefore it is not surprising to learn that his next volume, tentatively titled Meditations on Being, is a series of poems, each of which is based on a single Upanishadic sloka.
For example, in the following sloka from Kalidasa a verbal prefix is identified as the source of dhvani.
I 29--including a departure from sloka meter--is by no means typical of the CE HV or MBh, but rather reflects the kavya tradition, which loved to dwell at length upon the loveliness of Satyabhama in her jealousy over Krsna's gift of the single Parijata flower to Rukmini.