slot together


w>slot together

vi (parts, object) → sich zusammenfügen lassen; (fig, pieces of mystery etc) → sich zusammenfügen, zusammenpassen
vt sep parts, objectzusammenfügen
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Even regular lightweight pumps will slot together and lie flat so they can be packed away neatly.
The pieces slot together to deliver the larger story of what has brought Eldon to the point of dying from the drink and in so doing, Wagamese is careful to relate the tale of a man, who initially the reader judges as just another drunk and deadbeat dad, but for whom the reader comes to feel compassion and empathy.
We had the Australians in but I think we should look at how can we combine our slot together," Shaikh Salman said late on Tuesday.
At the end of the book is a page of three die-cut, press-out figures to slot together, including Uncle Ivan in his pie van.
Most travel cots have a wooden base and lots of poles to slot together so are pretty heavy.
Use big sheets of chipboard, or chipboard loft boards, which slot together (try the Pack of 3 Loft Panels, PS6.
are made of chlorite, calcite and limestone parts that slot together and slide apart, without any form of glue or adhesive.
Shahabuddin is being considered for the slot together with Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar and Syed Khursheed Shah, with majority betting on him as he belongs to south Punjab.
Each hoop is usually in two sections that slot together at the top.
Unlike the emperor's subjects, I am unable to pretend that anything more than small puzzle pieces are on the table, without the picture of how they could slot together.
Where the skirting boards join together at a 90[bar] corner, use a mitre block cut at a 45[bar] angle so that they slot together.