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One who is habitually careless in personal appearance or work.

[Middle English slovein, perhaps from Middle Flemish sloovin, a scold, gossip, from Middle Low German slôven, to dress carelessly; akin to Dutch sloof, untidy woman; see sleubh- in Indo-European roots.]


a person who is habitually negligent in appearance, hygiene, or work
[C15: probably related to Flemish sloef dirty, Dutch slof negligent]


(ˈslʌv ən)

1. a person who is habitually unclean or untidy in dress, appearance, or the like.
2. a person who works, acts, speaks, etc., in a negligent, slipshod manner.
[1400–50; late Middle English sloveyn, perhaps < Middle Dutch slof careless + -inne feminine n. suffix]
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Noun1.sloven - a coarse obnoxious personsloven - a coarse obnoxious person    
litter lout, litterbug, litterer - a person who litters public places with refuse
slovenly woman, slut, trollop, slattern - a dirty untidy woman
vulgarian - a vulgar person (especially someone who makes a vulgar display of wealth)


[ˈslʌvn] N (in appearance) → persona f desgarbada, persona f desaseada; (at work) → vago/a m/f


nSchlampe f (pej inf); (= man)Schlamper m (inf)
References in classic literature ?
He had seen the sloven tilled decks and the savage-eyed crew.
I could better eat with one who did not respect the truth or the laws than with a sloven and unpresentable person.
Nothing must be sloven or slipshod; every door, every fence, must be kept in repair.
A slouching, moody, drunken sloven, wasted by intemperance and vice, and with his matted hair and unshorn beard in wild disorder; but, with some traces on him, too, of having been a man of good proportion and good features in his youth.
In France, a knave is dressed like a fop; and in the northern countries, like a sloven.
His habit was very proper for a merry-andrew, being a dirty calico, with hanging sleeves, tassels, and cuts and slashes almost on every side: it covered a taffety vest, so greasy as to testify that his honour must be a most exquisite sloven.
DRAZEL A Corn stalks B Drag-net C A sloven who am I?
AZ Alkmr also snatched a late win at Sloven Liberec following a mistake by goalkeeper Premysl Kovar, who spilled Nemanja Gudelj's free kick and allowed Nick Viergever to score into an empty goal in the 89th minute.
Too sloven, / That is, to even set axe to clean wood" (Audubon II.
Our top pick on the Slovenian curve now is SLOVEN 18 which, at least indicatively, is trading wider than Serbia at the moment.
Fameco director Sloven Winters will spearhead the leasing assignment.
The love born of bliss dictates in hurt a nibbled truth, sloven heir of its cost.