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adj. slow·er, slow·est
a. Not moving or able to move quickly; proceeding at a low speed: a slow train; slow walkers.
b. Marked by a retarded tempo: a slow waltz.
a. Taking or requiring a long time: the slow job of making bread.
b. Taking more time than is usual: a slow worker; slow progress in the peace negotiations.
3. Allowing movement or action only at a low speed: a slow track; a slow infield.
4. Registering a time or rate behind or below the correct one: a slow clock.
5. Lacking in promptness or willingness; not precipitate: They were slow to accept our invitation.
6. Characterized by a low volume of sales or transactions: Business was slow today.
7. Lacking liveliness or interest; boring: a slow party.
8. Not having or exhibiting intellectual or mental quickness: a slow learner.
9. Only moderately warm; low: a slow oven.
adv. slower, slowest
1. So as to fall behind the correct time or rate: The watch runs slow.
2. At a low speed: Go slow!
v. slowed, slow·ing, slows
1. To make slow or slower.
2. To delay; retard.
To become slow or slower.

[Middle English, from Old English slāw, obtuse, sluggish, dim-witted; akin to Dutch slee, blunt, dull, and Old Norse sljór, blunt, dim-witted.]

slow′ly adv.
slow′ness n.
Synonyms: slow, dilatory, leisurely, laggard
These adjectives mean taking more time than is usual or necessary. Slow is the least specific: a slow bus; a slow heartbeat; slow to anger. Dilatory implies lack of promptness caused by delay, procrastination, or indifference: paid a late fee because I was dilatory in paying the bill. Leisurely suggests a relaxed lack of haste: went for a leisurely walk by the river. Laggard implies hanging back or falling behind: "the horses' laggard pace" (Rudyard Kipling).
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Noun1.slowing - a decrease in rate of changeslowing - a decrease in rate of change; "the deceleration of the arms race"
alteration, change, modification - an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another; "the change was intended to increase sales"; "this storm is certainly a change for the worse"; "the neighborhood had undergone few modifications since his last visit years ago"
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I perceived by this slowing down of its rising and setting that the work of the tidal drag was done.
His gray, appalling face had attracted attention in the crowd, and men, slowing to his dreary pace, were walking with him.
Scarcely had the door of the car closed behind us than we were slowing up to stop at the landing above, so rapid was our ascent of the long shaft.
At first people received the fact with an irresponsible detachment, much as they would have received the slowing down of the train in which they were travelling or the erection of a public monument by the city to which they belonged.
He walked slowing into the front hall, waited for a moment and then accepted his coat and hat from a servant.
Methods of slowing and stopping light have evolved from a technique for making opaque material transparent to selected light frequencies (SN: 6/1/91, p.
The driver was slowing to make a left hand turn when a motorist tried to pass,'' said CHP Officer Martha Davidson.
Recent information on building permits and contracts suggested some further slowing of the decline in nonresidential construction.
The only current therapy for dry AMD is high-dose oral vitamin and zinc supplements, which the NEI showed to be modestly effective in slowing progression of intermediate to advanced AMD.
The central bank's aim in boosting interest rates is to slow business and consumer borrowing, thereby slowing overall economic activity and keeping inflation under control.
El Nino boosts the atmosphere's angular momentum by slowing down the tropical easterlies and speeding the westerlies outside the tropics, says Salstein.
M2 velocity is likely to increase further over the second half of the year; however, a substantial slowing of M2 could suggest more restraint than would be consistent with sustained upward momentum of the economy, and thus the Committee reaffirmed the established range for M2 growth for 1990.