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a. An artificial channel for conducting water, with a valve or gate to regulate the flow: sluices connecting a reservoir with irrigated fields.
b. A valve or gate used in such a channel; a floodgate: open sluices to flood a dry dock. Also called sluice gate.
2. A body of water impounded behind a floodgate.
3. A sluiceway.
4. A long inclined trough, as for carrying logs or separating gold ore.
v. sluiced, sluic·ing, sluic·es
1. To flood or drench with or as if with a flow of released water.
2. To wash with water flowing in a sluice: sluicing sediment for gold.
3. To draw off or let out by a sluice: sluice floodwater.
4. To send (logs, for example) down a sluice.
To flow out from or as if from a sluice.

[Middle English scluse, from Old French escluse, from Late Latin exclūsa, from Latin, feminine past participle of exclūdere, to shut out; see exclude.]
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Adj.1.sluicing - pouring from or as if from a sluice; "the sluicing rain"
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It is sluicing off the gravel, deepening the ditch, and altering the slope which was the old bend of the river.
So did the water-carrier, sluicing water on the dry road from his goat- skin bag.
he called to the water- carrier, sluicing the crotons by the Museum.
It is the outer wall that must lie down," and Mowgli, with the rain sluicing over his bare shoulders and arms, leaped back from a wall that was settling like a tired buffalo.
Then he imparted to the pan a deft circular motion that sent the water sluicing in and out through the dirt and gravel.
With a quick flirt he sent the water sluicing across the bottom, turning the grains of black sand over and over A second tiny golden speck rewarded his effort.
English sluicing presents some puzzling patterns: as expected, it operates over syntactically related antecedents and orphans, but it also operates over those that show a less direct relationship.
Fish CPUE was not significantly affected by short-term annual sluicing.
South of Rufin Kreek on the next hill, garimpeiro miners are excavating a pit on the apparent south extension of the mineralized shear zone and using hammer mills to crush the ore for sluicing.
This outcome would be confirmed next summer by test sluicing.