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 (slŭm′bər-əs) or slum·brous (-brəs)
1. Sleepy; drowsy.
a. Suggestive of or resembling sleep: a slumberous torpor.
b. Quiet; tranquil.
3. Causing or inducing sleep; soporific.

slum′ber·ous·ly adv.
slum′ber·ous·ness n.


(ˈslʌmbərəs; -brəs) or


1. sleepy; drowsy
2. inducing sleep
3. characteristic of slumber
ˈslumberously, ˈslumbrously adv
ˈslumberousness, ˈslumbrousness n


(ˈslʌm bər əs, ˈslʌm brəs)

also slum′brous,

1. sleepy; heavy with drowsiness, as the eyelids.
2. pertaining to slumber.
3. inactive or sluggish; calm; quiescent.
slum′ber•ous•ly, adv.
slum′ber•ous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.slumberous - quiet and tranquil; "a slumberous June morning"
relaxing, reposeful, restful - affording physical or mental rest; "she spent a restful night at home"
2.slumberous - inclined to or marked by drowsiness; "slumberous (or slumbrous) eyes"; "`slumbery' is archaic"; "the sound had a somnolent effect"
asleep - in a state of sleep; "were all asleep when the phone rang"; "fell asleep at the wheel"


or slumbrous
1. Ready for or needing sleep:


slumbrous [ˈslʌmbərəs] ADJsoñoliento (fig) → inactivo, inerte
References in classic literature ?
A slumberous veil diffused itself over his countenance, and had an effect, morally speaking, on its naturally delicate and elegant outline, like that which a brooding mist, with no sunshine in it, throws over the features of a landscape.
There, beside the fireplace, the brave old General used to sit; while the Surveyor -- though seldom, when it could be avoided, taking upon himself the difficult task of engaging him in conversation -- was fond of standing at a distance, and watching his quiet and almost slumberous countenance.
This was all I heard that night before my sister clutched me, as a slumberous offence to the company's eyesight, and assisted me up to bed with such a strong hand that I seemed to have fifty boots on, and to be dangling them all against the edges of the stairs.
As the glass door closed behind Dorian, Lord Henry turned and looked at the duchess with his slumberous eyes.
I stepped out of the door into the slumberous heat of the late afternoon, and walking past the main entrance--locked again, I noticed-- turned the corner of the wall
I hurried on board with the rest of the passengers, most of whom were in great perturbation: some bawling out for their baggage; some tearing their hair and exclaiming that the boat would explode or sink; some already pale with the heaving of the stream; some gazing affrighted at the ugly aspect of the steersman; and some still dizzy with the slumberous influences of the Enchanted Ground.
I too felt a slumberous influence after watching him half an hour, as he sat thus with his eyes half open, like a cat, winged brother of the cat.
Arise from out the dewy grass; Night is worn, And the morn Rises from the slumberous mass.
no breath of air Within their long and slumberous folds had sway