small screen

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small screen

Television as a medium, especially in contrast to film: a movie star making a guest appearance on the small screen.

small′screen′ (smôl′skrēn′) adj.

small screen

(Broadcasting) an informal name for television

small′ screen′

1. the medium of television.
2. a television set.

small screen

n the small screen (television) → il piccolo schermo


(smoːl) adjective
1. little in size, degree, importance etc; not large or great. She was accompanied by a small boy of about six; There's only a small amount of sugar left; She cut the meat up small for the baby.
2. not doing something on a large scale. He's a small businessman.
3. little; not much. You have small reason to be satisfied with yourself.
4. (of the letters of the alphabet) not capital. The teacher showed the children how to write a capital G and a small g.
small ads
advertisements in the personal columns of a newspaper.
small arms
weapons small and light enough to be carried by a man. They found a hoard of rifles and other small arms belonging to the rebels.
small change
coins of small value. a pocketful of small change.
small hours
the hours immediately after midnight. He woke up in the small hours.
ˈsmallpox noun
a type of serious infectious disease in which there is a severe rash of large, pus-filled spots that usually leave scars.
small screen
television, not the cinema. This play is intended for the small screen.
ˈsmall-time adjective
(of a thief etc) not working on a large scale. a small-time crook/thief.
feel/look small
to feel or look foolish or insignificant. He criticized her in front of her colleagues and made her feel very small.
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The priests tried to show us, through a small screen, a fragment of the genuine Pillar of Flagellation, to which Christ was bound when they scourged him.
IANS Actor Vivek Oberoi says the small screen has a larger reach than cinema.
Sixteen years after the hit Manchester-set series Queer as Folk appeared on the small screen, Russell T Davies returns with this drama exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st-century gay life - one of three interlinked shows for Channel 4, E4 and online.
Female protagonists on small screen have been identified with regressive, teary traits and over-thetop appearances.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 6, 2014-Cubed signs JV agreement with Small Screen Casinos
The Question: Does sleeping in a room with a small screen or TV affect the quality and duration of a child's sleep?
com)-- Houston-based digital media and inbound marketing agency, Small Screen Producer, has launched an updated total web presence for Lone Star Seal, a Houston-based seal and mastic company, including a new website, branded social media, a business profile video, and an integrated blog.
The actress made her name on the small screen, appearing in hit show Friends.
Summary: The Muppets could be making a return to the small screen for a new primetime series.
TRIBUTES have poured in for one of the "giants" of the small screen.
Melbourne, May 31(ANI): After a seven-year hiatus from television, Sarah Michelle Gellar is all set to return to the small screen in her first TV series since the cult classic 'Buffy'.
TEENAGE film-makers from two Coventry schools made a big difference when they took to the small screen.

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