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Adj.1.small-cap - of stocks of companies with a market capitalization of less than one billion dollars
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However, the return premium to small caps is unstable and fleeting, and due to a recent string of poor quarters, small-cap companies as a group today stand at a return disadvantage.
In fact, the Standard & Poor's 600 -- the small-cap little brother to the venerable S&P 500 -- touched a record during intraday trading last week, although the index lost a little ground before the market's close.
SMALL-CAP STOCKS are a thorny problem for investors.
Investors often debate whether small-cap or large-cap stocks are poised to outperform within the broader U.
The consolidation among sell-side firms and the fact that investment banks generally focus on larger-cap companies has created a challenging environment for small-cap companies," says David Calusdian, executive vice president of Boston-based Sharon Merrill Associates Inc.
Small-cap stocks still lagging behind the rest of the market
The money going into small-cap funds sank from $24 billion in 1997 to $3.
This bull-market fad seems to be small-cap stocks: Record 1991 returns have attracted investors in droves.
CHICAGO -- Today, Zacks Small-Cap Institutional Research (SCIR) features Fidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities Fund (MUTF: FSOPX), Buffalo Small Cap (MUTF: BUFSX), Wasatch Small Cap Growth (MUTF: WAAEX), Pacific Advisors Small Cap A (MUTF: PASMX) and T.
The majority of its assets are invested in small-cap companies.
Krocheski most recently served as a small-cap assistant portfolio manager at ING Investment Management.
Russell Investment Group, creators of the small-cap Russell 2000[R] Index and market-leading family of U.