small-claims court

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small-claims court

A special court or session of court established for the simplified litigation of legal claims below a certain amount.

small′-claims′ court`

a special court established to handle small claims or debts, usu. without the services of lawyers.
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He rules that small-claims court with a rod of iron, a viper's tongue - and a nice line in savage putdowns, like: "I can smell a lie like a fart in a lift.
You may need to raise an action in the small-claims court and you will find lots of information on this at http:// www.
While the woman, Heather Peters, had filed her case as a small-claims court lawsuit, the appeals trial will be heard as an ordinary lawsuit, according to Honda.
Mr Cameron was due to tell MEPs in Strasbourg, France: "The court should deal with the most serious violations of human rights; it should not act as a small-claims court.
Two days before the offence your sister was found liable in a small-claims court for damaging a vehicle belonging to the complainant.
PLANS to improve the way small-claims court cases are handled were published by the solicitors' professional body today.
The 28-year-old immigrant filed a case in small-claims court last year against the Lomita-based school, seeking a refund of her $475 tuition - making her one of the first Californians to take a stand against CAHS.
Be Your Own Lawyer in Small-Claims Court," New York Times, Jan.

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