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or small-time  (smôl′tīm′)
adj. Informal
Insignificant or unimportant; minor: a smalltime actor.

small′tim′er n.


informal insignificant; minor: a small-time criminal.
ˈsmall-ˈtimer n


having little or no importance or influence: a small-time politician.
small′-tim′er, n.
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Adj.1.small-time - of minor importance; "a nickel-and-dime operation run out of a single rented room"; "a small-time actor"
unimportant - not important; "a relatively unimportant feature of the system"; "the question seems unimportant"


adjective minor, insignificant, unimportant, petty, no-account (U.S. informal), piddling (informal), of no consequence, of no account a small-time actress and model


[ˈsmɔːlˈtaɪm] ADJde poca categoría, de poca monta
a small-time criminalun delincuente menor


[ˈsmɔːlˌtaɪm] adj (fam) → da poco
a small-time criminal → un delinquente di mezza tacca
a small-time thief → un ladro di polli


(smoːl) adjective
1. little in size, degree, importance etc; not large or great. She was accompanied by a small boy of about six; There's only a small amount of sugar left; She cut the meat up small for the baby.
2. not doing something on a large scale. He's a small businessman.
3. little; not much. You have small reason to be satisfied with yourself.
4. (of the letters of the alphabet) not capital. The teacher showed the children how to write a capital G and a small g.
small ads
advertisements in the personal columns of a newspaper.
small arms
weapons small and light enough to be carried by a man. They found a hoard of rifles and other small arms belonging to the rebels.
small change
coins of small value. a pocketful of small change.
small hours
the hours immediately after midnight. He woke up in the small hours.
ˈsmallpox noun
a type of serious infectious disease in which there is a severe rash of large, pus-filled spots that usually leave scars.
small screen
television, not the cinema. This play is intended for the small screen.
ˈsmall-time adjective
(of a thief etc) not working on a large scale. a small-time crook/thief.
feel/look small
to feel or look foolish or insignificant. He criticized her in front of her colleagues and made her feel very small.
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Like any small-timer politician, who puts his personal ambitions above the national interest, he obdurately refuses to see the bigger picture that a Cyprus settlement is an integral part of the West's plans for the region.
From time to time, current and former administration officials have described Netanyahu as a national leader who acts as though he is mayor of Jerusalem, which is to say, a no-vision small-timer who worries mainly about pleasing the hardest core of his political constituency," wrote Goldberg.
It's a good story that got the small-timer some publicity, but that's all it is: A rumor that had made the rounds, and one he tried to cash in on.
makes you look like a small-timer with a serious lack of working capital, and perhaps one that doesn't expect to be in business for very long.
The film follows Claudio (Eduardo Arroyuelo), a small-timer looking to bring U2 to his Monterrey hometown.
He's a loveable conman and his scams earn him maybe a hundred bucks a day, a true small-timer.
A milieu full of beefy, shouty men with names like Vincent 'The Animal' Ferrara is fertile ground for character actors, and Black Mass boasts some juicy turns from the likes of Peter Sarsgaard (highly-strung small-timer who gets in over his head), ubiquitous Corey Stoll (no-nonsense prosecutor) and even Juno Temple (bimbo moll, who's allowed to be interesting -- despite being female -- because she's a hooker).
15) can do the business again for small-timer handler Martin Hogan in the long- distance hurdle.
To ensnare anyone at all, the DEA relies on informants, mostly local dealers who are happy to throw the agency an occasional small-timer in return for being allowed to stay in business themselves.
One might argue that General Parvianfar is a small-timer compared with Barbie, but another cable reprinted in Volume 38 suggests the two had much in common.
Pacino is Lefty Ruggiero, a low-life small-timer, who has a fascination for the sort of wildlife videos that show lions feasting on wildebeeste.