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Noun1.smallmouth - a variety of black basssmallmouth - a variety of black bass; the angle of the jaw falls below the eye
black bass - widely distributed and highly prized American freshwater game fishes (sunfish family)
smallmouth bass - flesh of smallmouth bass
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Closer to home, Wachusett Reservoir is giving up some good smallmouths and an occasional salmon.
Written by expert outdoorsman Bruce Ingram, Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths is an easy-to-use smallmouth bass fishing guide.
While most of the field targeted chunky smallmouths, Hibdon rolled the dice, making an hour-long run south of the launch to catch largemouth bass on a jig.
To target its bass, one must be prolific at fishing fast water for smallmouths and slower flows for largemouths.
The pressures of making a living and raising families have kept us away for four years, but everything is the same--the island with the cabin on it, the house-size rock where the two big smallmouths grabbed our frogs at almost the same moment and leaped in tandem, that place along the left shoreline where the unearthly sound of some animal screaming in the blackness of a starless night scared the bejaysus out of us .
Although some states have better fishing than others, smallmouths are largely accessible throughout the United States.
On Wednesday, Grigsby landed five largemouth bass weighing 19 pounds, 14 ounces to secure first place on a day when 292 of 356 anglers landed five-bass limits of mostly smallmouths and set a new Wal-Mart FLW Tour record of 1,638 bass weighing 4,082 pounds, 6 ounces.
By mid-May, the smallmouths will be on their beds and share center stage, along with big white perch.
Despite the trophy length limit placed on smallmouths, they have contributed to a vast majority of quality keepers.
Beginners' skill: Newbury Park's Jim Cicchi and Don Holloway of Camarillo - first-time competitors in a Western Outdoors News Bass-Southern California Region team tournament - topped a field of 64 teams Saturday at Pyramid Lake with two largemouths and two smallmouths weighing a total of 8.
In September, however, most anglers will probably be targeting quality smallmouths that should be feeding along rock ledges in the lake's clear deep water.
The smallmouths were tough to catch on Wednesday; Dan tied and re-tied about a dozen different patterns, including hellgrammites, poppers, stonefly nymphs, and San Juan worms.