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Noun1.smallmouth - a variety of black basssmallmouth - a variety of black bass; the angle of the jaw falls below the eye
black bass - widely distributed and highly prized American freshwater game fishes (sunfish family)
smallmouth bass - flesh of smallmouth bass
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Casting 3/8-ounee Strike King single-Colorado-bladed, short-arm spinnerbaits, we hooked lots of big smallmouths, including several double-headers.
I am fishing for smallmouths in the Mississippi River on a late-summer afternoon.
paragraph] Understanding how smallmouths relate to rocks in the northern lakes of Michigan and the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario helps pattern their seasonal behavior wherever rocks play a major role in habitat construction.
Rich Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass This 93-mile-long lake is a bassin' paradise, with 3- to 5-pound smallmouths throughout the central basin, and largemouths over 5 at the southern end (Ticonderoga area) as well as up north.
Sometimes smallmouths were hovering over depths of 30 feet.
Smallmouths often move off spots where casting is so effective.
The entire Bay from the Fox River to Rock Island is loaded with giant smallmouths," Alexander says.
Lindner admitted that many bass fishermen are not aware of the smallmouths ability to jump clear of the surface as well as submerging itself in extra-deep water, all to escape capture.
Smallmouths are among the most exciting freshwater fish to catch, often making impressive leaps when hooked and challenging the persistence and strength of anglers.
swallowed & said his dad took him there because smallmouths were
The smallmouths were tough to catch on Wednesday; Dan tied and re-tied about a dozen different patterns, including hellgrammites, poppers, stonefly nymphs, and San Juan worms.
Written by expert outdoorsman Bruce Ingram, Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths is an easy-to-use smallmouth bass fishing guide.