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1. Of or relating to emeralds.
2. Having the color of emeralds.
also sma·ragd (smə-răgd′, smăr′ăgd′) Emerald.

[Middle English, from Latin smaragdinus, emerald-green, from Greek smaragdinos, from smaragdos, emerald.]


(Jewellery) archaic any green gemstone, such as the emerald
[C13: via Latin from Greek smaragdos; see emerald]
smaragdine adj
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Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards 2015 Smaragd Estate Grown Gruner Veltliner (Umpqua Valley, Oregon; $32)
37) 'Toen wij repatrieerden uit de Gordel van Smaragd / Dat Nederland zo koud was hadden wij toch nooit gedacht / Maar't ergste was't eten.
He likes the 2013 Weingut Brundlmayer Steinmassel riesling ($70 a bottle) and the 2011 Weingut Knoll Ried Loibenberg Smaragd riesling ($105 a bottle).
and German Munich malts, hopped with Styrian Aurora and German Smaragd, and aged on Allspice wood.
FINAL CONCLUSION: Gruener Veltliner from the Wachau, Smaragd 2011
I then turned to something of an old friend, Domane Wachau, 'Terrassen' Gruner Veltliner Smaragd 2012.
EoACA[pounds sterling]The combination of NX CAD software with our product data management system Smaragd, which is based on Teamcenter, will integrate our entire product creation process from design through production planning down to managing production machines,EoACA[yen] said Prof.
A Try Thuja Smaragd which is dark green and used for hedging.
It has been narrated on the authority of Anas, who said that the Messenger of Allah said, "Allah has a Tablet, its one side is made of red hyacinth (yaqutah hamara'), the other of green smaragd (dhumurrdah khadra').
The mv Smaragd from Dunkerque, Union Sun from Ghent and the Captain L'Alexandre from Duisberg were all turned around in record time.
Fabricius, De gordel van smaragd (The Hague, 1953), pp.