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Adv.1.smarmily - in an unctuous mannersmarmily - in an unctuous manner    
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In the season two opener, a man tries to persuade her to work with him, smarmily insisting, "I never take no for an answer.
The comedy, White Gold, has been created by Damon Beesley, who co-wrote The Inbetweeners, and stars two actors from that series: James Buckley, as Fitzpatrick, who can smarmily charm his way to any sale; and Joe Thomas as the shy Lavender, whose moral backbone tends to get in the way of sealing the deal.
Oliver smarmily stated, "it's clear what each side wants: countries want to warn their citizens about the health dangers of smoking tobacco; tobacco companies want to be able to present branded images that they've spent time and money to cultivate.
Now being held at the Capitol, Peeta is regularly trotted out on live TV to be interviewed by smarmily sinister host Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci), where, under duress, he urges Katniss to quell the uprising; clearly, Snow and his regime are trying to take down the Mockingjay by dangling their own reluctant mascot oncamera.
Lamangan moves his film speedily, but it's marred by cliches and contrivances that further weigh down the characters' smarmily depicted relationships.
His concept for the early '60s satire of American business the story of a smarmily engaging young man who lies his way to the top is to stylistically turn up the volume, saturating the stage in candy colors and frantic dances.
The report issued by the doctors of Jinnah Post Graduate College was submitted in the court along with final challan after including ATC articles on the directives of advisor to CM Sindh Smarmily Farooqi.
Then came the smarmily titled blogs about the oGFail.
Yes, Theroux has an irritiating way of smarmily befriending people while being sickeningly sarcastic and condescending but most of his subjects deserve it.
He doesn't talk as smoothly - perhaps that should be smarmily - as some guests on other channels.
And she is not as smarmily annoying as Mr Lineker has become, either.
And that the smarmily charming older brother wears an eye patch.