smart aleck

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smart al·eck

n. Informal
A person regarded as annoyingly self-assertive, especially for making impudent displays of knowledge.

[Perhaps after Aleck Hoag, 19th-century American confidence man and thief.]

smart′-al′eck, smart′-al′eck·y (-ĭ-kē) adj.

smart aleck

n, pl smart alecks
informal an irritatingly oversmart person
[C19: from Aleck, Alec, short for Alexander]
ˈsmart-ˌaleck, ˈsmart-ˌalecky adj

smart′ al`eck

(or al`ec)

(ˈæl ɪk)
n. Informal.
an obnoxiously conceited and impertinent person.
[1860–65, Amer.; generic use of Aleck, nickname for Alexander]
smart′-al`eck•y, smart′-al`eck, adj.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: aleck - an upstart who makes conceited, sardonic, insolent comments
upstart - an arrogant or presumptuous person

smart aleck

Informal. One who is obnoxiously self-assertive and arrogant:

smart aleck

[ˈsmɑːtˌælɪk] n (fam) → sapientone/a, sputasentenze m/f inv
References in classic literature ?
Oh, ho,' he says, very angry-like, 'so you was the smart Aleck thot fetched me thot letter from the owners: "We note item of fufteen pounds for pilotage ot Auckland.
But these are just offhand observations from a sidecar smart aleck.
To add to the confusion, there will be some smart aleck who will decide to steer his car in a different direction throwing the situation into pandemonium.
His answer to me, a smart aleck high school sophomore, was, ".
Being the smart aleck I was in those days, I told my friend to watch me.
We used to pick up at least half a bus load at Billingham, there was always a smart aleck who would turn the door handle at the entrance to the bus, consequently you tried to close the doors and they wouldn't so you had to leave your seat and turn the handle back from the outside.
Siddhartha Sagar who plays Pritam in the show said, "This is my first stint in a television series where I am playing the role of a smart aleck with a passion for scientific gadgets.
Reilly's lead character is a self-styled smart aleck whose disdain for the regular world is often too apparent.
EIGHT- year- old Akshat Singh, smart aleck star of Indian reality TV, has emerged as the latest sensation on the web with a trending YouTube video The Fat Indian Kid Dance .
Walter and his mother, Mae, portrayed in the movie as a misfit boy and an insecure, inept woman, are played here by Johnny Rabe as a precocious smart aleck and Kendra Kassebaum as a sassy gold-digger.
One not so Smart Aleck said on a phone-in: "Did we have ADHD when we had caning in schools?
And who wants a smart aleck of a car telling you what to do or, worse, talking over your head to another vehicle on the road, letting everyone know that you're completely out of control.