smart ass

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smart′ ass`

Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. n.
1. a wise guy; know-it-all.
2. Also, smart′-ass`, smart′-assed`. characteristic of a wise guy; cocksure and often insolent.
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The duo decided to share their journey with the world via Facebook and Instagram and is now developing a blog covering all health topics under the Smart Ass Kitchen brand.
And I wouldn't be sitting here writing these smart ass little articles.
And before any smart ass poking fun at my napper tries it on, Hair United isn't one
SMART ASS - clearly has ability and looks one to follow next time after losing at least half a dozen lengths at the start of Monday's seller at Bath, yet still finished third just a neck and 112 lengths behind Half Pint Bill and Enchanting Times over five furlongs.
I talked about how after James called his teacher a smart ass he started to open up more and seemed to be doing better in the classroom since then and they said that recently he doesn't need constant reassurance from them.
But there was an unmistakable shift in the strip's political tone, even when the strip's politics stayed the same; it moved from the clever to the loud, from the smart ass to the ass.
Then thank the father of Dean Windass (left) for passing on a sur name which meant he had to kick the lining out of every smart ass he's ever met.