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Noun1.smarta - one of a group of brahmans who uphold nonsectarian orthodoxy according to the Vedanta school of Hinduism
brahman, brahmin - a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas; "originally all brahmans were priests"
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TOP TIPS FOR YOUR REMOTE CONTROLLED HOME * Television: If you've rushed out and left the TV on, the iPhone control centre for the Smarta gadget can switch it off once you get to work, or switch it on to record programmes without having to go home.
NatWest and Smarta have now joined with Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis to launch Smarta Business Builder, a new online toolkit, providing first-time entrepreneurs with the key components needed to develop and grow.
These claims are comparable to those made on behalf of brahmanas in Smrti literature, which leads one to propose that perhaps it would be more faithful to the evidence to describe smarta texts as male-oriented, just as tantra literature is female-oriented.
Cardiff-based Smarta was formed in 2009 by civil engineer Mark Wray when he identified a gap in the marketplace for a high-quality service that allowed homeowners to use digital technology to control functions around the home - from electronic equipment to heating and lighting.
Mark Wray, managing director of Smarta Technology, said: "The new demonstration suite on Colchester Avenue forms part of an ambitious PS20,000 investment and has been purpose built to showcase the range of home automation products we can offer to both domestic and commercial customers.
The Smarta 100 differs from other business awards by championing not just the most profitable, but the savviest and enterprising ventures.
Small business advice site Smarta has created a new platform which is the de facto destination for small business election opinion with all party manifestos in one place.
Samaraya is mentioned as a Virasaiva, but he is a Smarta brahmin (p.
HOME Automation specialists Smarta Technology have today opened a new demonstration suite which enables visitors to interact with the latest product offerings from the smart home industry.
According to research carried out by natWest and small business website Smarta.
IGEL Technology, en av de ledande tillverkarna av smarta klienter (Clever Clients/Smart Clients), skriver under ett distributionsavtal tillsammans med DNS Sweden.
FAST-EXPANDING Smarta Technology, which installs automated systems to control energy usage in homes and buildings remotely, has been named as a UK finalist in the Local Business Accelerators competition.