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Of or relating to the mesomorphic phase of a liquid crystal in which molecules are closely aligned in a distinct series of layers, with the axes of the molecules lying perpendicular to the plane of the layers.

[From Greek smēktos, smeared, from smēkhein, to wash off.]


(Chemistry) chem (of a substance) existing in or having a mesomorphic state in which the molecules are oriented in layers. Compare nematic See also liquid crystal
[C17: via Latin from Greek smēktikos, from smēkhein to wash; from the soaplike consistency of a smectic substance]


(ˈsmɛk tɪk)

(of liquid crystals) noting a mesomorphic state in which the arrangement of the molecules is in layers. Compare nematic.
[1920–25; < French smectique (1922) < Latin smēcticus cleansing]
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