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smelt 1

v. smelt·ed, smelt·ing, smelts
To melt or fuse (ores) in order to separate the metallic constituents.
To melt or fuse. Used of ores.

[Dutch or Low German smelten, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]

smelt 2

n. pl. smelts or smelt
Any of various small silvery marine, freshwater, and anadromous food fishes of the family Osmeridae, found in cold waters of the Northern Hemisphere, especially Osmerus mordax of North America and O. eperlanus of Europe.

[Middle English, from Old English; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]

smelt 3

A past tense and a past participle of smell.


(Metallurgy) the process of extracting a metal from an ore by heating


A. Nfundición f
B. CPD smelting furnace Nhorno m de fundición


[ˈsmɛltɪŋ] nfusione f
References in classic literature ?
56, 197: Hesiod says that those who are called the Idaean Dactyls taught the smelting and tempering of iron in Crete.
75: Celmis, again, and Damnameneus, the first of the Idaean Dactyls, discovered iron in Cyprus; but bronze smelting was discovered by Delas, another Idaean, though Hesiod calls him Scythes (1).
They are smelting, 'Duke they are smelting, and as they grow rich, you grow poor.
Lastly, I have scarcely spoken of the domestic and family customs of the Kukuanas, many of which are exceedingly quaint, or of their proficiency in the art of smelting and welding metals.
In 2016, the prototype of an optimized aluminum smelting system was realized as part of a Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)-funded cooperative project between the industrial and business communities.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 13, 2017-Ironveld to Acquire South Africa Smelting Business
Target: Siyanda Smelting and Refining (100%), Power Alt (70%)
A deal has been finalized by Gulf Manganese Corporation Ltd with Transalloys (Pty) Limited for the purchase and relocation of two ferromanganese smelting furnaces.
As regulations governing carbon emissions become stricter and the price of high-grade reductants such as coke continue to rise, producers are increasingly searching for more sustainable and economically viable alternatives for smelting operations.
KWG Resources, one of the key players in the Ring of Fire, is actively trying to develop a smelting process that would use natural gas.
Alcoa, New York, has announced it will close or curtail 164,000 metric tons of smelting capacity in the United States and Brazil as part of its smelting capacity review.