smoked herring

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Noun1.smoked herring - a dried and smoked herring having a reddish colorsmoked herring - a dried and smoked herring having a reddish color
herring - valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled
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Both, says I; and let's have a couple of smoked herring by way of variety.
Thanks to a decline in fish stocks the unmistakable smoked herring has become a prized delicacy.
Baked boneless herring: Place smoked herring in casserole.
com)-- The new regulation adds Katsuobushi (dried bonito) and certain smoked herring to a range of foodstuffs where maximum levels of PAHs are set.
A A straw hat B A pole used for punting C A smoked herring D An inflatable boat QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: The end of which conflict did the Sun newspaper cover under the headline 'It's the Sun Wot Won It'?
If smoked herring and fiseekh are your main dishes, make sure you serve up some greens to absorb all that salt.
Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden, ate himself to death in 1771, gorging on lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne, plus 14 servings of pudding in hot milk.
As for the smoked herring, a kilo has reached EGP 40.
The main Canadian exports were machinery and equipment, fertilizers, smoked herring, paper and iron structures.
A sedate bus ride took us around the coastal route, visiting the elegant Baltic Glass Company for a demonstration of glass-blowing, followed by a lunch of smoked herring.
In addition to the new catch, available through much of this month, Russ & Daughters also offers a wide variety of other herring preparations year round, including the briny, mature schmaltz, similar to the sort founder Joel Russ sold in his push cart on the Lower East Side; an oak smoked herring from the coast of France; and a Swedish mustard-and-dill preparation.