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a. A particle of dirt or soot: "the smoke and flames blowing from the lantern which peppered him with large black smuts" (Joyce Cary).
b. A smudge made by soot, smoke, or dirt.
2. Sexually explicit or prurient language or material, such as books or movies.
v. smut·ted, smut·ting, smuts
1. To blacken or smudge, as with smoke or grime.
2. To affect (a plant) with smut fungus.
To be or become blackened or smudged.

[From Middle English smotten, smutten, to defile.]

smut′ti·ly adv.
smut′ti·ness n.
smut′ty adj.
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Adv.1.smuttily - in a smutty mannersmuttily - in a smutty manner      
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The peanut dipping sauce was smuttily moreish, although I was as perplexed by the accompanying slice of white toast here as I remember being when served it in a Bangkok cafe many moons ago.
He [Parker] inform'd us so early how Stilpo disputing before the Areopagites, that Minerva could not be a God, because she was a Woman, and therefore a Goddess; Theodorus somewhat smuttily ask'd him, whether he had seen her without her Shift.
Written by the team that gave you, oh dear, Thunderpants, smuttily predictable and peppered with lame innuendo and vibrator jokes, it's basically harmless good-hearted farce for spotty adolescents who think underwear brochures are hard core.