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Adj.1.snakelike - resembling a serpent in form; "a serpentine wall"; "snaky ridges in the sand"
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"
References in classic literature ?
The huge, snakelike body coiled and uncoiled about its prey.
There was something venomous and snakelike in the boy's black eyes.
Their arms, however, were very short, and from where I stood seemed as though fashioned much after the manner of an elephant's trunk, in that they moved in sinuous and snakelike undulations, as though entirely without bony structure, or if there were bones it seemed that they must be vertebral in nature.
He received no applause, and he squirmed through the ropes, snakelike, into the arms of his seconds, who helped him to the floor and supported him down the aisle into the crowd.
So often had that snakelike noose settled unexpectedly over Tublat's head, so often had he been jerked ridiculously and painfully from his feet when he was least looking for such an occurrence, that there is little wonder he found scant space in his savage heart for love of his white-skinned foster child, or the inventions thereof.
Now and again we passed a leiter-wagon--the ordinary peasants's cart--with its long, snakelike vertebra, calculated to suit the inequalities of the road.
She approached more cautiously, and the cub had full opportunity to observe her lean, snakelike body, and her head, erect, eager, and snake-like itself.
High on my list are sinuous rilles, snakelike "riverbeds" that sometimes meander across the maria for hundreds of kilometers.
I shall always remember this day," said Jesse dreamily, until a giraffe's snakelike tongue ripped the bundle of leaves out of her hand.
uk QWHAT is causing white snakelike tracks in the leaves of my garden chrysanthemums?
Callaghan's task force formed a snakelike column, with four destroyers in the van followed by the cruisers Atlanta (CL-51), San Francisco (CA-38) (Callaghan's flagship), Portland (CA-33), Helena (CL-50), and Juneau.
The dark, dingy rooms peel snakelike, shedding layers and layers of wallpaper and lino, signs of the numerous families that lived here from 1863 until 1935, when fire safety laws were passed.