snap off

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Verb1.snap off - break a piece from a whole; "break a branch from a tree"
detach - cause to become detached or separated; take off; "detach the skin from the chicken before you eat it"

w>snap off

vt sep (= break off)abbrechen; (= bite off)abbeißen; to snap somebody’s head off (fig inf)jdm ins Gesicht springen (inf)
vi (= break off)abbrechen
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The tree was battered by severe gales last Firday night which caused the top to snap off and the lights to trip and fall.
It's like she never even had that dodgy Brazilian blow-dry which made half her hair snap off.
Nicolas Nozeman said he feared the tail of the lizard, called Honey, might snap off if it was handled by someone else.
July 24 - Use mole grips to snap off door handle of garage door.
But it hit the Iveco lorry, causing the wing mirror to snap off, go through the open window and hit the driver.
The forged edges will not break snag or snap off during production, keeping lines running safely and efficiently.
Even worse, if you use a wrench to try to unscrew 'em, they snap off.
So while the best- price quote of 4- 1 about Michael Bell's three- year- old doesn't have me looking for the nearest hand to snap off, she appeals more than current market rivals Rainbow View, who top-class performer over middle-distances.
Venture outside today and snap off the old seed heads on rhododendrons, cut off the spent flower heads on lilacs, and cut back some of the too thick, too full and too long stems of forsythia.
They use boltcut-ters to snap off padlocks or force doors open before taking anything they can carry.
As Trusty, of Syracuse Community Health Center, New York, danced around her she felt the bit snap off in her mouth.
Snap off the central spear first, which will encourage sideshoots, to be picked regularly.