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snarl 1

v. snarled, snarl·ing, snarls
1. To growl viciously while baring the teeth.
2. To speak angrily or threateningly.
To utter with anger or hostility: snarled a retort.
1. A vicious growl.
2. A vicious, hostile utterance.

[Frequentative of obsolete snar, perhaps from Dutch or Low German snarren, to rattle, probably of imitative origin.]

snarl′er n.
snarl′ing·ly adv.
snarl′y adj.

snarl 2

1. A tangled mass, as of hair or yarn.
2. A confused, complicated, or tangled situation: a traffic snarl.
v. snarled, snarl·ing, snarls
To become tangled or confused.
1. To tangle or knot (hair, for example).
2. To confuse or complicate: Snow snarled the morning commute.

[Middle English snarle, trap, probably diminutive of snare; see snare1.]

snarl′er n.
snarl′y adj.
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Adj.1.snarly - tangled in knots or snarls; "a mass of knotted string"; "snarled thread"
tangled - in a confused mass; "pushed back her tangled hair"; "the tangled ropes"
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Father Wolf listened, and below in the valley that ran down to a little river he heard the dry, angry, snarly, singsong whine of a tiger who has caught nothing and does not care if all the jungle knows it.
Mourinho was being Bad Mourinho, all surly, snarly, snappy and, according to one journalistr, sarky.
A state of flux is possibly the best way to describe my reaction when I first witnessed this group of whitejeaned, topless, inked-on, guitar thrashing, screaming, snarly young men on Top of the Pops in January 1992, at the very impressionable age of 11.
George Clooney is Frank Walker, once a wide-eyed boy inventor bringing his home-made jet-pack to the 1964 World's Fair (the jet-pack doesn't technically work yet, says Frank, but "I'm optimistic"), now a snarly old cynic exiled from an enigmatic meta-dimension built by the world's greatest scientists (more on this later).
THE GT86 formula is simply classic: a snarly, high-revving four-cylinder engine in the nose, rear-wheel-drive, 2+2 seating, a swoopy body, a stubby gearlever and a cosy cabin with low-slung sports seats.
Then it's like she thinks, 'I'm not supposed to do that' and makes a wee snarly face and gets off.
With snarly vocals and a swagger akin to a young Tina Turner, Ella whipped her audience into a frenzy and the pace continued as she powered her way through chart-topping Rudimental collaboration Waiting All Night and new single Comeback.
But Poe's snarly past with Boston will be set aside Sunday, when the city officially welcomes the master of the macabre into its fold with the unveiling of a statue in his honor.
Finley is excellent, tender and soft when required, but snarly, angry and lighthearted, too.
has been one of the few journals in whose every issue there have been both articles that promote the dialogue of religious traditions and articles that take up the rich but often snarly theological questions that are presupposed by or result from the dialogue--including essays that have boldly questioned Christian or other claims for unique superiority or finality.
Still, the big televised "six pointer" with Millwall is next and a tasty reunion with snarly scoreophobic Scott McDonald who has a point to prove and will be fuelled by football's former player Inevitability Drive.