sneak out

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Verb1.sneak out - leave furtively and stealthily; "The lecture was boring and many students slipped out when the instructor turned towards the blackboard"
go forth, leave, go away - go away from a place; "At what time does your train leave?"; "She didn't leave until midnight"; "The ship leaves at midnight"
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She and a group of lookalikes sneak out of the house dressed in wigs in a bid to fool the waiting photographers.
Because the Dodgers, on an afternoon when they absolutely could not afford to lose, were able to sneak out of town with a monumental win.
A few snapshot memories: Lance's office throwing us a shower, my new brother-in-law, Bob Baker, telling me that ours was the first wedding he'd cried at; the absurdity of dodging four camera crews during the service; the subsequent photo shoot that turned into a news conference; our "best person" actually forgetting the rings and almost tripping into the water fountain as he tried to sneak out to get them; going through U.