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adj. sneak·i·er, sneak·i·est
Furtive; surreptitious.

sneak′i·ly adv.
sneak′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.sneakily - in a surreptitious manner; "he was watching her surreptitiously as she waited in the hotel lobby"
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EMILY, Lauren, Stephen and Martin defeating Hunted's HQ despite C4 sneakily making them gather in one place.
Cinemas are expected to beef up their security in a crackdown on scammers sneakily filming the new 007 blockbuster when it hits the big screen next month.
A CHEEKY Scots printer who sneakily signed his name on 50million banknotes is still making headlines 59 years on.
Our selection of the best of your messages to our Twitter and Facebook sites Coombe Country Park: Drivers assured car park will stay open until 8pm This council is a joke, tried sneakily to save money and got found out, backtrack and say it's a communication error.
Lachlan has sneakily diverted the flowers David ordered for Alicia to an address in Skipton, and instead Alicia receives a gift from a secret admirer.
The Monster Who Ate the State is a sneakily educational children's picturebook.
Meanwhile, he sneakily whispers to Julie that Dominic is damaged goods and still bitter from his divorce.
The Spanish international was linked to numerous European clubs, with Manchester United and Arsenal considered to be frontrunners, but the west Londoners were able to sneakily land the former Gunners skipper.
Even though she won't have to sing here, UK entrant Molly (pictured) will still be in attendance to chat to the hosts and maybe sneakily check out the competition.
That's because when we were growing up, I would sneakily open his Easter eggs on the mantelpiece, steal the chocolates inside and carefully put the foil and the box back in place.
When I was a teenager, we would stay up to watch Prisoner Cell Block-H, and sneakily switch the TV off when we heard steps on the stairs.
If they think that they can sneakily "borrow" a scene from one of their videos without getting noticed then they must assume we don't own TVs or computers which is also quite insulting.