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adj. snid·er, snid·est
1. Mocking or derogatory in a malicious or ironic way: snide comments.
2. Making or given to making snide remarks: a snide roommate.

[Origin unknown.]

snide′ly adv.
snide′ness n.
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Adv.1.snidely - with a sneer; in an uncomplimentary sneering manner; "`I don't believe in these customs,' he said sneeringly"
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So," queried Snidely Snotworth III, lookin' down his un-busted but needed-bustin' nose, "Why do you think you have to carry a gun?
No thanks to the once-dashing and take-charge Ian, who suddenly became a wishy-washy wimp who tolerated his ex-wife's snidely scurrilous conduct, instead of manfully defending Bea and reading Iza the riot act!
Take a bow Grizzly Stonewall Jackson, Ralleigh Grandberry III and Snidely Wildstache.
From some perspectives, the game looks a little like a cynical cash-in--what more than one games critic has snidely written off as a simple 'reskin' (that is, an aesthetic reworking) of Ingress.
I think I've told this story before: Once, I tried to give my mother some advice about what wine to serve with dinner, and I guess she took it the wrong way because she snidely replied: "Gee, Rachel, we can't all be the Jewish Jackie Kennedy?
He might not like quitters the way Donald Trump doesn't like "losers" but that sign inspires me to snicker snidely.
With your claims that many moderates were elected, we imagine that there should be no problems now with our trip," they wrote with snidely.
The show snidely references Hollywood's use of film tax credits, pokes fun at psychiatry and New Age selffulfillment, sneers at workplace sexual harassment training, and offers barbed asides about the impossibility of destroying vice markets for drugs and prostitution.
In the second US Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump predictably bragged about his wealth, his business acumen and management skills, and snidely marked off Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett Packard chief executive who is running for president, as a "business failure.
The derision peaked when This Morning held a phone-in to laugh snidely while appearing to sympathise offer some guidance at this difficult time.
That said, the wholly one-dimensional way the Mexicans are depicted is troublesome, leaving Martinez especially--with his perfectly coiffed Snidely Whiplash mustache--to come across as if he's auditioning to become the Most Interesting General in the World.