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1. Frozen precipitation consisting of hexagonally symmetrical ice crystals that form soft, white flakes.
2. A falling of snow; a snowstorm.
3. Something resembling snow, as:
a. The white specks on a television screen resulting from weak reception.
b. Slang Cocaine.
c. Slang Heroin.
v. snowed, snow·ing, snows
To fall as or in snow.
1. To cover, shut off, or close off with snow: We were snowed in.
2. Slang To overwhelm with insincere talk, especially with flattery.
Phrasal Verb:
snow under
1. To overwhelm: I was snowed under with work.
2. To defeat by a very large margin.

[Middle English, from Old English snāw; see sneigwh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Recreational Drugs) slang under the influence of narcotic drugs
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We carried a good deal of food in case we should be snowed up, as the season was rather late for passing the Portillo.
But when they awoke, the climbers found it had snowed nearly a foot overnight.
Nasdaq:PMID) announced today their premier lineup of brews, food and music at the annual "Get Snowed In" party, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pyramid Snow Cap Ale[TM], and benefiting Surfrider Foundation's Snowrider Project.