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or snow kiting  (snō′kī′tĭng)
The sport of being pulled across snow or ice by a power kite while riding a snowboard or wearing skis.

snow′kite′ v.
snow·kit′er n.
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Already a zipline and snowkiting facilities are in place.
Paragliding, dog sledding and snowkiting, are just a few of the activities on offer.
His second Guinness World Record was achieved for the longest unsupported snowkiting journey in Arctic history; a 3,120km vertical crossing of the Greenland icecap in 2009.
But just watch Bob Christian in action on Worcester's Indian Lake or Hubbardston's Moosehorn Pond or at any of the other wind preserves on which he plies his passion for snowkiting, and you'll witness a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled, and occasionally airborne experience that is like no other.
Snowkiting is really a fortuitous marriage of skiing (and snowboarding) and sailing, uniting wind with snow and ice in glittering harmony, on surfaces of glare ice or pillowy powder, on lakes, ponds, fields and mountains in settings that span the gamut of the New England landscape.
To Sam and his new love of snowkiting, the wind and snow became huge assets.
They spoke at school assemblies, classrooms, churches and community groups, and conducted free snowkiting clinics, presenting to over 10,000 people.
An avid skiing and snowkiting enthusiast, Alexander, who hails from Germany, got addicted to kiteboarding six years ago when the snow melted in summer and he could ski no more.
Skiing and snowboarding have morphed into heliskiing and snowkiting - skiing off-piste on slopes only reachable by helicopter and snowboarding with a kite attached to give extra speed, lift and danger.
TAKE off on a snowkiting adventure in Iceland for the ideal spring break.
Also in the magazine are stories on two very different winter sports: snow tubing - fun for just about everyone - and snowkiting, which requires a high degree of strength and skill.
Flying with a buggy is just one branch of power kiting which also includes snowkiting, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, relaxed flying, extreme flying and landboarding.