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Noun1.soap pad - a cleaning pad containing soap
cleaning pad - a pad used as a cleaning implement
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Brillo offers a variety of cleaning products including the Brillo soap pad and the Estracell sponge.
Wash a new (or any unseasoned) pan with a steel wool soap pad and hot water, and then with detergent.
A manufacturer of a particular type of soap pad needed to confirm that their product did indeed last longer and clean more pots and pans than the competition for an advertising claims support.
Its lead items included a handpainted "Splash" ceramic grouping with soap pad holder, teapot, spoon rest, soap pump and cookie jar -- all done in a fish motif.
I displayed examples of Warhol's work such as his famous Campbell's[R] Soup Cans, the Brillo[R] Soap Pad Box Sculpture and the multiple photos of Marilyn Monroe.
Now Tate Liverpool goes a step further - by featuring a stack of Brillo soap pad boxes.
Remove cooking grates from grill and scrub with warm water and a Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pad (Brillo Supreme Stripe&Shine Soap Free Steel Wool Balls or Brillo Estracell Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge can be used as well)
Use a Brillo[R] Soap Pad to Clean your grill thoroughly and avoid flare ups
NYSE: CHD) Brillo, the original steel wool soap pad, is among the world's best-known household brands, with distribution in stores nationwide and many other countries around the world.
Sullivan attributed the improvement primarily to the acquisition of the Akapol soap pad business in Argentina, addition of the S.
He cited a new advertising program, the first marketing support for the brand in several years, and the recent introduction of a small, single-use steel wool soap pad, S.