soap powder

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Noun1.soap powder - soap in powdered form mixed with alkaline builderssoap powder - soap in powdered form mixed with alkaline builders
soap - a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats
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This morning I opened a new carton of a well-known non-bio soap powder, the size suitable for 40 washes.
Tenders are invited for purchase of equipments for waste disposal : soap powder,chain saw,plastic cup,hose
DON'T be a soap powder snob and end up paying way over the odds when it comes to doing the family's laundry.
SHIPMENTS of pineapples, soap powder and flower pots are among the covers Merseyside drug smugglers have used to bring in their goods.
20 "brand specific" categories are common to every country: car, kitchen appliance, camera, personal computer, mobile phone/smart phone handset, mobile phone service provider, Internet service provider, holiday company/tour operator, bank building society, credit card, insurance company, petrol retailer, vitamins, analgesic/pain relief, cough/cold remedy, hair care product, cosmetic, skin care product, soap powder and breakfast cereal.
If you want a packet of soap powder or a pot of jam or a trailer, it won't exist if we don't have the means to transport them, "The difficulty with that is that nine times out of 10 I've got something that is 52 feet long, 8.
Julia says: "In everything from beer, shampoo and soap powder to your car, bits of your kitchen and books, there is part of an animal that has been utilised.
Some drug dealers are suspected of stretching the whoonga mixture with soap powder and even rat poison to increase their profits.
I never saw Glee soap powder, but my grandmother kept the traditional Monday washday ritual when I was a child.
The party did, however, gain sponsorship from a soap powder manufacturer.
The nine-month-old appliance sprayed glass, soap powder and water and wrecked her kitchen.
But their greed is leaving a trail of chaos in the supermaket aisles, with soap powder strewn across the floor and plundered cartons left unpaid for.