soap powder

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Noun1.soap powder - soap in powdered form mixed with alkaline builderssoap powder - soap in powdered form mixed with alkaline builders
soap - a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats
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Naomi Whitaker came across the inch-long craft knife blade while she was filling up her washing machine with Bold soap powder.
THEY normally use mum-next-door types for their soap powder ads.
Soap powder manufacturers Unilever has agreed the first major sponsorship programme with the Tate Gallery which will provide for a commissioned artist to display their work in the new museum, which is taking shape in a converted power station on the south bank of the Thames in London.
SCIENTISTS have designed a washing machine that doesn't need soap powder.
Mr Hague said: "The British people are tired of being fed soap powder politics by politicians who think their time is always better spent in TV studios than in meeting the public face to face.
But Tyke obliterated the utility room - spraying a box of soap powder all over the place.
The total value of the stolen loads, which include huge consignments of goods including muesli, fridge freezers, perfume, cosmetics, beer and soap powder, runs into many hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Ten years ago, TV presenter Richard Madeley was charged with stealing champagne, seven bottles of wine, gin and soap powder from Tesco.
Acid muriatic,atomizers large plastic,wipe white balls 1 pound,bags soap powder 1 pound,trash bags black flower type etc.
There was an infusion of aromas - vinegar in a barrel, paraffin, zip firelighters, soap powder, bundles of wood, Aunt Sally and the odd ginger beer plant waiting to explode.
Whoever did this and put talcum powder or soap powder or whatever it is in there should go to jail.
A HEADTEACHER told her new school how she swapped soap powder for students and homework.