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The new $1 billion Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Project has started to soar upwards with construction works hitting street level.
Even the accumulated per capita losses would soar upwards in this scenario.
CHINESE lanterns look spectacular as they soar upwards and if only they burned up safely while airborne few people would have a bad word to say about them.
A case in point might be the two weighty Bill Viola videos in the baptistery, each pursuing the artist's longstanding interest in water: Isolde's Ascension, 2005--an upside-down image of a clothed woman diving into a pool seen from beneath the water that makes her appear to soar upwards in a sort of resurrection; and Three Women, 2008--a monochrome trio of women (a mother and her daughters, perhaps) who emerge extremely slowly from behind a sheet of water into full colour and then recede back through the water into their own grey world.
The app industry has gone from non-existence to multi-billion revenue in a few short years, and it will only continue to soar upwards according to a new report.