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Obesity once thought to be related to high socio-economic class, now prevails in our low and middle class', she said and added that Pakistanis are very bad in controlling cholesterol levels.
The idea of holding the festival in such a place is that the festival does not only cater to one socio-economic class or culture.
He also enjoyed majority figures across all geographic areas from 54 percent to 57 percent and every socio-economic class from 53 percent to 56 percent.
The lower to middle socio-economic class are the ones most deserving of such initiatives.
Chi-square was used to establish relationship between socio-economic class, type of dialysis facility, patient functional dependency and total burden.
As far as socio-economic status is considered, using modified Kuppuswamy's scale 2014 majority belonged to socio-economic class II and III (38.
However, settling for a nominee from Wickremesinghe's own socio-economic class showed the President was not ready to go all out and have a confrontation with his PM.
In particular, he looks at how Britain's classical music culture as reflected in literature written during the period 1870-1945 can provide information about the education, socio-economic class, sexuality, politics, and lived experience of distinct yet interrelated communities depicted by a diverse array of authors.
Al Abadi explained that depression is less likely to occur in younger individuals who do not suffer from chronic illnesses and belong to a certain socio-economic class.
To improve the efficiency of these services and avoid unnecessary admissions, researchers wanted to find out how often children with type 1 diabetes are admitted to hospital compared with children of the same age, gender and socio-economic class living in the same area.

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