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Adv.1.socioeconomically - with respect to socioeconomic factors; "they are far apart socioeconomically"
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He appreciated Chinese government and private sector for standing with Pakistan socioeconomically in difficult times.
affective disorders, opioid-use disorder), and socioeconomically disadvantaged women.
Hybrid technology is one of the most socioeconomically practical routes to air quality improvement, as it requires no changes to infrastructure, driver behaviour or the driving range of vehicles.
Reham Khan said "Internet has become necessity of life and provision of the same free of cost to the socioeconomically downtrodden people of Tharparkar is a noble cause".
Racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse Chicagoans demanded various versions of the American Dream rooted in home ownership.
in Sunnyslope, one of Phoenixs most well established and socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods.
Through its holistic approach to development, it aims to improve the quality of life of socioeconomically challenged families and to eradicate poverty in the country.
The challenges in Compton Unified are significant: 98 percent of the students are socioeconomically disadvantaged, 35 percent are English language learners, and less than half can read on level by third grade.
For instance, if an employee was raised in a financially and socioeconomically stable home then they are "more likely to be balanced".
Children who are brought up in socioeconomically and financially balanced and stable families, will be themselves balanced, and will positively affect their surroundings when they grow up," said Dr Moza Ghobash, professor of sociology and chairperson of the Rewaq Ousha bint Hussain Cultural Society.
The Investing in Innovation (i3) program announced its Development competition, focusing on generating new approaches to implementing rigorous standards and assessments, improving school climates and developing alternatives to exclusionary school discipline, improving student outcomes and closing opportunity gaps for underserved students through fostering racially and socioeconomically diverse schools, and addressing the unique challenges of rural areas.