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 (sō′sē-ŏl′ə-jē, -shē-)
1. The study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society.
2. Analysis of a social institution or societal segment as a self-contained entity or in relation to society as a whole.

[French sociologie : socio-, socio- + -logie, study (from Greek -logiā; see -logy).]

so′ci·o·log′ic (-ə-lŏj′ĭk), so′ci·o·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
so′ci·o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
so′ci·ol′o·gist n.
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Adv.1.sociologically - with regard to sociology; "sociologically speaking, this is an interesting phenomenon"


[ˌsəʊsɪəˈlɒdʒɪkəlɪ] ADVsociológicamente


advsoziologisch; sociologically speakingin soziologischer Hinsicht
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While addressing at an event in Praghati Bhawan in Hyderabad, he expressed his desire to see people from the Yadav and Kuruma communities to develop the, economically, sociologically and politically.
It is absolutely sociologically untenable to make this claim.
An exemplar of sorts for my state and country, these villages will be planned with an intention to be holistically sustainable, economically, ecologically, sociologically, technologically, and high on education, skills and health.
Identity, sociologically viewed, is not the answer to the question who you are, but whether you have remained true to the system of values in which you believe, in contrast to the political instrumentalization with which a particular structure of government, wants to ensure the legitimacy of its rule, with the people instead of in the name of the people.
The research will be done through an original multi-methods research design computer-assisted discourse analysis, qualitative comparative analysis and quantitative questionnaire analysis to gather rich and sociologically relevant data.
The author addresses the topic both biologically (what goes on in our brains) and sociologically, from childhood to adulthood.
I'm just sociologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine's Day" Comic actress Rebel Wilson speaking at the Baftas after criticising the "racist" Oscars "If we've evolved from monkeys, then why haven't those present-day monkeys evolved?
I'm just sociologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine's Day" Comic actress Rebel Wilson, pictured below, speaking at the Baftas after criticising the "racist" Oscars "Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to an awards dressed as a bag lady" Baftas host Stephen Fry on Jenny Beavan, who won the prize for costume design.
While Temizel had insisted at the time, "But this is not even sociologically possible," the young people who helped carry out this poll responded, "Yes, but while it doesn't appear sociologically possible, it is psychologically possible.
Phillips posits, "To the extent that there are characteristics of a cultural product that are consistent with a receiver's understanding of the context," sociologically congruent, in other words, "the more the cultural product will flourish" (5).
Great Britain thinks that being a member of the EU is hurting her both economically and sociologically and is strongly considering a referendum for departure; surely the EU wouldn't want to lose an important member such as the Great Britain, especially during these difficult times.
The polls are India's statement of intent that a country so diverse -- politically, sociologically, culturally and religiously -- can carry out the largest democratic exercise in the world in the quest for appointing representatives in government.