soda jerk

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soda jerk

n. Informal
One who works at a soda fountain.

[Short for soda jerker.]

soda jerk

(Commerce) slang US a person who serves at a soda fountain

so′da jerk`

(or jerk`er),

a person who prepares and serves sodas and ice cream at a soda fountain.
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Noun1.soda jerk - someone who works at a soda fountainsoda jerk - someone who works at a soda fountain
counterman, counterperson, counterwoman - someone who attends a counter (as in a diner)
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The beverage menu reflects old-fashioned favorites such as Cream Soda Jerk and Full Sleeve, plus guests can choose from a lengthy list of malts that can be blended with whiskey, amaretto and others spirits for boozy milkshakes.
The Soda Jerk (1953) Rockwell got the idea for the illustration listening to stories from his son Peter who worked at a soda fountain shop and later posed for the cover.
Owner Kelsey Ingram says Alaskan Soda Jerk is a merger of fond childhood memories consuming flavored sodas in Texas and a thirteen-year history of bartending and being a vendor at various Alaska fairs and festivals, all set to 1950s music and themes.
Johnson rose through the ranks as a soda jerk, fry cook, and finally night manager before reaching the age of 16.
Far from a typical ice cream truck, Byrd's custard truck is time period appropriate from the old-fashioned root beer floats to the Chuck Berry music it blares, down to the soda jerk aprons and Chuck Taylor sneakers that Byrd sports.
Back at the soda fountain, what sweet-toothed romantic can turn down a cute soda jerk grinning as he suggests a "Raspberry soda infused with peach ice cream and sweet cream" or a "Cherry Bomb, made with a ball of chocolate ice cream dropped into a cherry soda.
He worked as a soda jerk, truck driver and steelworker, and was employed by North American Aviation.
I knew I wasn't going to be any great shakes as an actor - the way I looked, I would play the soda jerk or the friend of a friend," said the screen maestro, who has died of cancer, aged 73.
So I walked out, walked across the street to an old-fashioned drug store, and got a job as a soda jerk.
Yes, I have just finished playing a one-legged pedophile in The Soda Jerk, directed by Zak Davis.
Still another portrays a girl--complete with poodle skirt--charming a soda jerk.