sofa table

so′fa ta`ble

a rectangular table with drop leaves and drawers, often placed in front of or behind a sofa.
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Use a console table behind the sofa table to display decor and provide a place to add a decorative table lamp.
This family heirloom sofa table was nearly ruined by fire.
distinguish between two of the most similar, popular, and confusing tables: the Pembroke table and the Sofa table.
A second ROM piece, a sofa table, shares design features with several other sofa tables from Halifax that are tentatively attributed to John Tulles.
This space-saving and charming drop-leaf coffee table with magazine rack is designed to be dual purpose: this versatile table can be used as a side sofa table or easily swivelled and extended to create a spacious coffee table when entertaining (simply lift and rotate the drop-leaves to extend).
In its regular Artisan House line, the company will present three contemporary metal tables, which can be used with a glass top as a coffee or sofa table, or without a top and stood vertically as sculptures, and called Cubicle, High Voltage and Free Flow.
A This is a lovely sofa table and a very good example of high-quality cabinet making in the late 1840s / early 1850s.
A Baker etagere in gold filigree balances the seating arrangement, and the sofa table from South America is crafted of inlaid bone with modernistic chrome legs.
A comfortable couch sits off to the left -- some four feet from the window and backed by a sofa table topped with family portraits and other accessories.
The other three innovation award winners are Katherine Greenwood with ideas for a coeliac diet, Sonia Gangar with a children's activity table and Richard Saunders with a sofa table.
Coupled with a sofa table and lamps, which will be plugged into sunken sockets, this will create the "inner" room.
A sofa table, breakfast table and dining chairs -all commissioned by James Watt Jnr, produced by Bridgens and George Bullock, and used at Aston Hall are also on show.